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Video Production

TenTwo Inc. is a Dallas video production company, specializing in video marketing, still photography, and post-production. As a digital business development and strategic communications firm, TenTwo utilizes video production as an important channel for helping our clients create and communicate their brand message. Whether the communication is targeted for an external audience such as consumers and customers or an internal audience such as employees, vendors, and contractors, TenTwo works closely with our clients to create effective and targeted messaging that gets the desired results.

Whether we’re helping an organization to powerfully capture and communicate their story, nurturing a vision from a concept to a strategy to a final deliverable, or shaping and guiding creative messaging- our clients seek us out to breathe visual life into complex concepts and ideas. As a trusted, local, full service Dallas video production company- we can’t wait to partner with you on your next creative video project!

How much is this going to cost?!

It’s the question everyone has… how much is this thing going to cost?! It’s okay to be concerned about video prices, but don’t worry… it’s not going to cost a gazillion dollars.

Many production companies will force you to call them for an estimate, but we know your time is valuable. We post ballpark prices here on our website. They’ll get you started, then call us for a more detailed outlook.


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